Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Retirement Relieves Job Stress

Interesting Retirement T-Shirt

I'm retired: Leave the relaxing to me.

Interesting Retirement Fact
Two-thirds of Canadians retire before the full Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan benefit age of 65, often times involuntarily. What does this mean?

Another Interesting Retirement Fact

According to a Harris/Decima poll of 2,200 Canadian commissioned by Russell Investments Canada Ltd., currently retired people say they need only 60% of the income generated when they were working -- a stark contrast to a similar survey a year ago from Fidelity Investments Canada which found 80% or even higher "replacement ratios" might be necessary.

The Spoilers - Countries Against Early Retirement
  • Britain plans to gradually raise its age of retirement at which full state pensions will kick in. By the year 2044, the U.K,'s retirement age will be 68.
  • The U.S. and Germany also plan to raise their retirement age to 67.
  • Italy and Belgium have already raised their age of retirement to 60