Monday, February 16, 2009

Retirement Resources for the Recession

Here are some benefits from the economic recession:

    From a food website:

    Food will improve in cafes and bars because only the cafes and bars
    serving high quality food at reasonable prices will survive.

    Some new delicious dishes may be born during the present recession.
    Like great music, some of the great food we eat today such as pizza
    and stew were created during economic downturns.

    People who don't know how to cook may learn how to do so simply because
    they can no longer afford to eat out all the time.

    The economic recession does has a silver lining for employers – it
    has created an opportunity for employers to pick up highly-experienced,
    motivated and loyal employees at very reasonable rates. Ron Brown,
    sales director at Australia's recruitment firm Plus 40, which specialises
    in the placement of older workers, says the pool of older workers
    looking for retirement jobs has increased sharply in recent months.
    “A lot of those people have less than half of the retirement savings
    they had three or four months ago.” Corporations can now get all these
    added extras – experience, a high level of skills, commitment, stability
    – for the same rate as a young unreliable and unexperienced employee.

Here are two retirement recession resources to check out: