Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Free-Spirited View of Retirement

Seven Million Canadians Set to Retire

A new report suggests the Canadian Government and Canadian businesses must start making appropriate adjustments to handle the demographic crunch facing Canada.

Indeed, seven million baby boomers are set to retire over the next two decades, according to a TD Bank Retirement Study.

Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page said last month the Federal Government will face a structural deficit of about $20 billion in five years as Canadians transition from taxpaying workers to services-using retirees.

Americans Planning to Delay Retirement

A survey in March 2010 by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that a growing number of American workers are planning to delay retirement. That has negative implications for the U.S. job market, where unemployment is high and layoffs continue to grow.
Almost one in four workers (24 percent) postponed plans to retire in the last year.

Here is a review of How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free Review at Retirement Recommendations by RetirementWorks2.com that may inspire you to read it so that you retire early, choose the Best Places to Retire Happy and totally enjoy your Retirement:

    This book takes a free-spirited view of retirement, and it can be infectious.
    Zelinski not only encourages you to adopt a fresh outlook, but helps you do so in specific, concrete ways. His approach is informative, fun, and sometimes astonishing.

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The image below is a scan of an article in a December 1983 article in the Edmonton Journal about Brian Tracy when he was just getting on a roll. No doubt Brian does not have to worry about the financial aspects of retirement as many Canadians and Americans hav to