Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reasons Why You Will Love Retirement

Here are some entries from 365 Reasons Why You Will Love Retirement

    You get to fill your days with healthy retirement activities — such as swimming, bicycling, excerciing, and yoga — instead of unhealthy, stress-filled work activities such as meetings, boring tasks, and commuting.

    If you don't feel like doing anything at all except lounging around your apartment — that's exactly what you get to do.

    You no longer have to be nice to all those ex-coworkers who you didn't like all that much. Better still, you can send them anonymous nasty e-mails every day.

Here are some retirement quotes for retirees that will help them retire happy, wild, and free:

    The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived.
    — Oscar Wilde

    Webster’s Dictionary defines retirement as “withdrawal from active engagement in one’s occupation or profession.” It is in fact much more.
    — Lynn Anderson

    Retirement is a process, not an event.
    — Unknown wise person

    If I wanted to become a tramp, I would seek information and advice from the most successful tramp I could find. If I wanted to become a failure, I would seek advice from men who have never succeeded. If I wanted to succeed in all things, I would look around me for those who are succeeding, and do as they have done.
    — Joseph Marshall Wade