Friday, August 15, 2008

Retirement Jobs Can Be Fun and Profitable

According to Retirement Statistics Canada, more than 300,000 Canadians 65 or older worked in 2001.

  • 57% were 65-69

  • 26% were 70-74

  • 17% were 75 or older

If you are going to work in your retirement years, why not work at a fun retirement job?

Jobs during retirement can be fun and profitabled if you create an internet business.

Here’s a list of websites or blogs that are making lots of money. This list came from A Dawn Journal by Ahmed Dawn.

  • Boing Boing Makes over $1 million a year.

  • Mashable This technology blog makes roughly $165,000 a month.

  • Darren Rowse Estimated earnings between $120,000 to $1,200,000. He pioneered moneymaking techniques in blogging.

  • Steve Pavlina Personal Development Guru. He makes $480,000 annually from blogging activities.

  • Plenty of Fish Markus Frind, a Canadian, makes $5 to $10 million a year from this free dating site.

  • Ashley Qualls Seventeen year old high school dropout makes $75,000 a month from her website.

This list of people making loads and loads of money on the Internet can be expanded with you on it and you can do this in your retirement years.

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