Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The New Retirement - Bleak and Not So Cozy

Here are some latest topics about the new retirement:

    1. Retirees ‘tighten the belt’ in tough times
    Lismore Northern Star - Australia
    Coorabell retirees Jim and Barbara Hardie say they both lived through
    the Great Depression, so are confident of surviving the current economic
    downturn. ...

    40000 Australian retirees to shelve retirement plans – here’s how
    you can benefit - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
    According to new research from actuarial firm Rice Warner, plummeting
    financial markets will force about 40000 older workers to postpone
    their retirement ...

    Too Much Retirement Planning May Be As Bad As Too Little
    Consumer Affairs - USA
    However, pre-retirees who had done more planning reported worse losses,
    on average, than those who hadn’t planned. Retirement planning strategies
    encourage ...

Here are some retirement resources to help you retire: