Monday, January 26, 2009

Retirement Resources and Retirement Activities

Some More Retirement Resources and Retirement Activities for New Retirees:

THE RETIREMENT CAFE: This website addresses the new retirement including topics such as why you should retire before you expire, where to retire, how to preserve retirement savings, how to increase retirement income, how to find fun retirement jobs, and how to get involved in inspirational retirement activities.
Some Retirement Articles on this website:

    Ready to Retire Happy - Get Real!
    Fun Things to Do When You Retire
    Retiring Too Late Means You Don't Get Another Chance to Do It Right!
    How Retirees Can Be Productive Slackers!
    Retire Now - Don't Die Working
    It's a Great Time to Be Retired - There's So Much to Do!
    Retire Before You Expire - Why Tempt Fate and Die Working?
    Winning a Lottery - The Retirement Plan with the Most Bugs to Be Worked Out
    Retirement Planning Tip - Get More Serious about Leisure than about
    7 Secrets to a Happy Retirement

Retirement Jobs on The Real Success Resource Center

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THE FRIENDSHIP CAFE: Where Best Friends Learn How to Become Great Friends - Topics covered include:

    Best Friends at The Friendship Café - Best Friend Quotes, Best Friends Poems, Best Friend Sayings
    THE FRIENDSHIP CAFE Friendship Poems
    Old Friends Are the Best Friends
    Friendship Advice on The Friendship Café: Tips on How to Make and Keep Best Friends
    Friendship Sayings
    Proverbs about Friends