Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Retirement Is Getting a Bad Rap

The Art of Retirement seems to getting harder by the day.

Here are some more recent story headlines:

    Recession hits retirees living abroad
    Easier (press release) - Chester,UK
    Britons looking to retire abroad to traditional European destinations
    such as Spain and Portugal have been warned to think twice about their
    decision by the ...

    Florida retirees see American dream shattered
    Taipei Times - Taiwan
    The Florida panhandle, home to the US’ largest population of retirees,
    has become a center of financial panic. “The banks and the mortgage
    companies just ...

    Would-Be Retirees Plan to Work Longer
    Planadviser.com - Stamford,CT,USA
    Delaying retirement is one of several life adjustments pre-retirees
    are making to weather the current economic climate. CPA financial
    planners surveyed by ...

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