Friday, March 13, 2009

What Is Happining to the Concept of Early Retirement?

So what is happening to the concept of early retirement?

Here are are a few retirement headlines from the major media?

    Pension disaster looms
    Edmonton Sun - Alberta, Canada
    Statistics Canada says about 5.7 million of Canada's 16.2 million workers have a private pension plan. Even before the stock market crashed, some Canadian ...

    Catholic Sentinel
    Faltering economy makes for tough times for seniors, retirees
    Catholic Sentinel - Portland,OR,USA
    By Ed Langlois The fall of the stock market has caused particular pain for retirees and those about to retire. One woman felt compelled to leave her new ...

    Americans react to recession in different ways; what about you?
    "My husband's retirement plan went down to practically nothing," she says. The Albrights aren't alone, by any means. It would seem Betty White, 76, ...